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PoFolks-Hearty, Homestyle Cooking!



Appetizements!  Steak and Chicken Kuntry Combo!   Dee-lishus Dee-serts!


Howdy! For over 25 years, PoFolks has been servin' up Hearty, Homestyle Cooking! Our food is craved by folks all shapes an' sizes, an' we have a HUGE menu selection!  From appetizers to salads; sandwiches to dee-serts; seafood to steaks...PoFolks has a reputation for fillin' yore tank without emptyin' yore wallet. Check out our MENU ITEMS page to learn how we'll satisfy yore hunger for a home-cooked meal.




vBig or small, we cater 'em all...our caterin' service is SHORE TA PLEASE!!! Whether it's complete dinners or just what yore missin' ta finish the job, we can provide you with everything you'll need at a price that'll make you smile.  Check out our CATERIN' page fer more info.




vWanna know how ta git here? Click on our LOCATIONS link ta find the PoFolks location nearest you. And if ya have ta drive a while to come over and see us, don't worry...we're cookin' 7 days a week.



vPart of what makes us so popular wherever we are is our atmosphere. Check out our FOLKLORE page ta read some of the stories an' sayings that git passed around our locations daily.


vWanna git in on the action? PoFolks is an excellent franchising opportunity for anyone with a desire to genuinely satisfy folks at dinner time. It's hard work, but it shore pays off with all the friends you'll meet (an' the money don't hurt, either). For more information on Franchising and the history of PoFolks, check out our FRANCHISIN' page.



vTell us things you'd like to see on the menu, or to tell us about a visit to one of our locations.  If our website doesn't help you with what yore huntin' give us a holler at the numbers listed below

or contact us through e-mail by clicking here!!!


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